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Class 9 Physics Notes PDF

9th Class Physics Pairing Scheme 2023

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9th Class Pairing Scheme  for 2023

If you are  looking for 9th Class Physics Paring Scheme 2023, then you are at right place, Here, we have provided a 9th Class Physics Pairing strategy that would be helpful to students from all Punjab boards. We have put our best effort for 9th class student, if any student is willing to share his/her notes then you can contact us through the comment box.

This 9th Class Physic Paring Scheme is valid for all following Punjab Boards. 

Physics Pairing Scheme for 2023 

Chapter No.

Chapter Name




Chapter No.1

Physical quantities and measurement




Chapter No.2




Question 5 (a)

Chapter No.3




Question 5 (b)

Chapter No.4

Turning effect of forces



Question 6 (a)

Chapter No.5





Chapter No.6

Work and energy



Question 6 (b)

Chapter No.7

Properties of matter



Question 7 (a)

Chapter No.8

Thermal properties of matter



Question 7 (b)

Chapter No.9

Transfer of heat





  • Questions 6(a) may be asked from Chapter. 4 ( Turning effect of forces ) OR Chapter.5 (Gravitation )

After the announcement of exam date sheet students devote their full concentration for the preparation of final term examination, for this purpose they need paper scheme for 9th class physics. As we know that Physics is an important subject, therefore students should view this pairing strategy before beginning their exam study.

In this paring scheme we make three portions i.e MCQs portion, Short Questions portion, Long Questions portion. we have tried best to make this useful for the students of 9th class. Now its your duty to prepare these MCQs, Short Questions, Long Questions so that you can obtain remarkable grades in your examination. You can also Download 9th Class Physics Notes for exam preparation

9th Class Physics PDF Notes

If any student find inaccuracy then please contact us through the comment section below. Our Study Medium will respond you in very short period of time. As ” Sharing is Caring” therefore share this paring scheme as well as 9th class Physics notes with your classmates/fellows, so they can achieve high marks in their examination. 


9th Class Physics Notes S.Q, Long Q. & MCQs

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9th Class Physics Notes PDF

If your finding 9th Class Physics pdf notes for final board exam preparation then your in the right where will you got complete Physics. In this section, we are providing you with complete Punjab board preparation materials which will be crucial for us. These Physics pdf notes are important for all Punjab boards like Rawalpindi Board, Sargodha Board, Lahore Board, Sahiwal Board, Multan Board, Faisalabad Board, Bahawalpur Board, Gujranwala Board.

What we are providing?

Everyone knows that class 9 Physics are important and crucial for medical or non-medical student. And mostly non-medical students are worried about their final exam. Therefore, Study Medium provides your complete chapter wise short questions, chapter notes and multiple choice questions for Board exam.

Physics notes for class 9th are well-written and completely verified for 9th class all Punjab Board. If you use these notes for your board exam preparation, then you will must pass as well as get 90+ marks in final exam. These notes includes with Physics Past Papers and Guess Paper MCQs for Board exam. For your better exam preparation, we also provide you Physics pairing scheme.

Key Points

In this section, we are providing complete Physics notes for final exam and a pairing scheme for the board exam. By preparing these short questions and MCQs you must be able clear your 9th-class Physics board paper. There some major key points of our notes are follows:

  • Well Managed
  • Well Explained
  • Easy to Understand
  • Verified  from Punjab Boards
  • Overall Studied in Govt. and Private Sectors

9th Class Physics Chapter-Wise PDF Notes

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9th Class Physics Notes

Looking for 9th Class Physics PDF Notes? If your answer is yes, then you have landed on the right page, here you can find chapter-wise long questions notes. You can download these long questions without any hesitation. You should share these excellent notes with your classmates so that they can also prepare them.  You can download these MCQs, Short, and Numerical Problems Notes in PDF form.

Class 9 Physics Notes PDF [2023]

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9 Class Physics Notes for board exam preparations. Complete Chapter wise MCQs, Short Questions, Numerical and Long Questions. All these pdf notes are written by our experienced instructor in an excellent manner. Most students find it boring to look for appropriate notes for class 9, So that’s why we are creating a series of past papers as well as important topic questions. You must get ready for all of these pdf notes if you want to get positions in your class.

Class 9th Physics MCQs, Short Questions, and Long Questions, Numerical

This subject is difficult for some students. Although not particularly challenging, the subject is technical. Many students worry about their preparation and consider it a challenging subject. Study Medium has made this challenging subject simple for you. We presenting you with an easy method to prepare it. The easiest 9-class physics notes for preparation. Our website now has the physics notes for the 9th class.

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