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Chapter No.5, Linear Inequalities and Linear Programming

We are aware that many of our cherished students are looking for notes on linear inequalities and linear programming for math 12th class. Due to this, we have chosen to publish our original notes on Chapter 5 of the 12th Class Maths solutions. These notes contain straightforward answers to every topic, making them useful for both average and gifted pupils.

These notes are helpful for students who think math is a tough topic because they occasionally have trouble solving arithmetic problems. Furthermore, contact our team so they can try to correct any inaccuracies you uncover. Visit StudyMedium, a global learning site that is free for students, for additional chapter summaries.


  • Introduction
  • Linear Inequalities
  • Region Bounded by 2 or 3 Simultaneous Inequalities
  • Problem Constraints
  • Feasible Solution Set
  • Linear Programming
  • Linear Programming Problems

Key Features:

Students in the second year will find these class 12th math solution notes to be of great use. These Study Medium math class 12th notes give you access to all of the exercises’ solutions. The best practice is given to you with the notes for second-year math. You can download these 2nd year’s math notes in PDF format with solutions.

Linear Inequalities & Linear Programming Notes


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