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Calculus PDF Notes

Chapter No.3, General Theorem, Intermediate 

Are you searching for notes on the General Theorem and Intermediate Forms in Chapter 3 of Calculus? On this page, students will receive our original notes so they can achieve the top grade in their class. These notes are available on our website for free viewing and downloading. Your fundamental ideas will be evident after preparing these exercise notes. In order for students to better serve their country once they have earned their degrees, Study Medium strives to give them the best notes possible. Students are valuable assets to any country, and if they are sincere about their studies, they will eventually succeed.

“Indeterminate” refers to a value that is not known. A mathematical statement known as the indeterminate form states that even after substituting the limits, we are still unable to determine the original value. The indeterminate form of limits and various indeterminate forms in algebraic expressions will be covered in this article along with examples.

Course Contents

  • Rolle’s theorem
  • Geometrical interpretation of Rolle’s theorem
  • The mean value theorems
  • Another form of mean value theorem
  • Increasing and decreasing functions
  • Cauchy’s mean value theorem
  • Extended mean value theorem
  • Indeterminate form
  • The form 0×∞ (or ∞×0)
  • The form ∞−∞

Notes By Prof Naeem-Ul-Haq

Notes By Imtiaz Hussain


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