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Mathematical Methods pdf Notes

Chapter 07, Inner Product Spaces Notes

If you’re BSc/ADS student who is interested in the notes for chapter 7 on Inner Product Spaces. You are in the right place, as our teachers has provide their unique pdf notes on this page. The BSc/ADS mathematics curriculum is overly long, which causes students to get bored. For their convenience, these notes have been created in PDF format. Students who want to share their notes contact us.

When two vectors are members of an inner product space or a vector space for which a certain inner product has been specified, we can speak of “the inner product of a pair of vectors.” The dot product is another name for this inner product. Therefore, inner product and dot product have the same meaning in this context.

Course Contents

  • Definition and examples
  • Orthogonality
  • Orthogonal matrices
  • Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
  • Similar matrices
  • Symmetric matrices
  • Diagonalization of matrices

Inner Product Spaces Notes By S.M Yusuf

Notes By Prof Naeem-Ul-Haq


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