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12th Class Math Chapter 7

Chapter No.7 – Vectors Notes in PDF

By 12th Class Maths Solutions

Chapter No.7, Vectors Notes in PDF

We are aware that our pupils are looking for math notes on vectors for the 12th grade. For the benefit of our FSC/ICS students, we have placed our original notes online. You will receive honorable grades if you prepare these notes. We have provided these math notes for the 12th class in the most convenient style for our students.

Most of our pupils find arithmetic challenging; if you agree, please review our original notes from the 12th class and then share your thoughts. Because sharing is kindness, and StudyMedium aims to deliver high-quality notes, kindly forward this message to your friends. Visit StudyMedium, a global learning site that is free, for additional summaries.


  • Introduction
  • Geometric Interpretation of Vector
  • Multiplication of Vector by a Scalar
  • Addition and Subtraction of two vector
  • Position Vector
  • Vector in Plane
  • Properties of Magnitude of a Vector
  • Another Notation for representing Vector in Plane
  • A unit Vector in the Direction of another given Vector
  • The Ratio Formula
  • Vector Geometry
  • Introduction of Vector in Space
  • Concept of a Vector in Space
  • Properties of Vector
  • Another notation for representing Vector in Space
  • Distance between two Points in Space
  • Direction Angles and Direction of a Vector
  • The Scalar Product of Two Vector
  • Deductions of the Important Results
  • Perpendicular (Orthogonal) Vector
  • Properties of Dot Product
  • Analytically Expression of Dot Product u⋅v
  • The angle between two Vector
  • Projection of One Vector upon another Vector
  • The Cross Product or Vector Product of two Vectors
  • Derivation of useful results of Cross Product

Key Features:

You may quickly download and prepare our second-year math class notes because we have provided them in the best format. It is necessary to prepare all of these notes because they include all themes and exercises. These notes are beneficial for both great and average students because we made every effort to write them simply.

Vectors Solution


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