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Chapter No.13 – Inverse Trigonometric Functions

By 11th Class Maths Solutions
11th Class Mathematic Solutions PDF NOtes

Chapter No.13, Inverse Trigonometric Functions in PDF

We are aware that some of our 11th-grade math students are looking for inverse trigonometric functions solution. This is why we have excellent notes on Chapter 13 of the 11th-class Math textbook provided here. Students who want to hold a respectable position in their class must carefully & vigilantly prepare all exercise notes. For pupils who struggle with math, these notes are very helpful. Additionally, visit Study Medium, a free global learning platform, if you want to solve chapter notes. Please contact our team if you spot any mistakes so that we can try to solve them.


  • Introduction
  • The Inverse Sine Function
  • The Inverse Cosine Function
  • Inverse Tangent Function
  • Inverse Cotangent, Scant, and Cosecant Functions
  • Domains and Ranges of Principal Trigonometric Function and Inverse Functions
  • Addition and Subtraction Formulas

Key Features:

We have provided the finest notes for the ICS/FSC Part 1 math chapter in order to satisfy the requirements of the revised syllabus. These are study medium solutions for inverse trigonometric functions. These notes were authored by an experienced instructor and were correctly formatted. These notes are supplied in the best format possible, so you can print them off and use them to study for tests.

Inverse Trigonometric Functions Solution


Chapter No.9, Fundamentals of Trigonometry

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11th Class Mathematic Solutions PDF NOtes

Chapter No.9, Fundamentals of Trigonometry 

We are aware that our students are anticipating the principles of trigonometry chapter 9 notes for the 11th Class math exam. That is why we released the top-notch notes for chapter 09 of arithmetic for the eleventh grade. These notes were all created using the most recent syllabuses for all boards. Students who wish to excel in their classes must work hard to prepare all of these notes. If you notice any errors, you can also let us know through the comment section, and our staff will do their best to correct them. Visit Study Medium, a free educational resource for students worldwide, for additional chapter summaries.


  • Introduction
  • Units of Measures of Angles
  • Relation between the Length of an arc of a Circle and the Circular measure of its Central angle
  • General Angle (Coterminal Angle)
  • Angle in the Standard Position
  • Trigonometric Function
  • Trigonometric Function of any Angle
  • Fundamental Identities
  • Signs of the Trigonometric Function
  • The Values of Trigonometric Functions of acute angles 45∘,30∘,60∘
  • The Values of Trigonometric Functions of acute angles 0∘,90∘,180∘,270∘,360∘
  • Domains of Trigonometric Functions and of Fundamental Identities

Key Features:

High-quality FSC/ICS part 1 math notes that meet the requirements of the most recent examination boards’ curriculum are now accessible. These notes are offered in the appropriate format, were written by competent teachers, and will be helpful for studying for exams. These notes are in the greatest format and may be seen online and downloaded as well.

Fundamentals of Trigonometry Solution:


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