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part 2 maths

Chapter No.2 – Differentiation Notes

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Chapter No.2, Differentiation Notes in PDF

We are aware that you require notes on differentiation for your 12th-grade math course. This section consequently contains the 12th class maths solutions of chapter no.2 which is Differentiation. These notes were put together after a lengthy investigation. Study Medium staff strives to provide the most comprehensive study materials for the BISE board exam. For the best results, each of these notes needs to be prepared carefully and thoroughly.

Because each question has an answer that is clear and easy to understand for all FS.c/ IC.s students, these notes are beneficial for people who struggle with math. Please let us know through the comment section if any student finds an error so that we can fix it. There are also 11th-class maths complete exercise-wise solutions available for 1st years for students to learn more. Visit StudyMedium, a free online learning resource for students.


  • Definition and notation
  • Geometrical interpretation of the derivative
  • Instantaneous velocity
  • Marginal functions in economics
  • General theorems on derivatives
  • Inverse trigonometric functions
  • Logarithmic and exponential functions
  • Derivative of hyperbolic functions
  • Implicit Differentiation
  • Logarithmic Differentiation
  • Differentials and approximation
  • Newton Raphson Method
  • Higher derivatives
  • Some standard nth derivatives
  • Leibniz rule
  • Functions of several variables
  • Open and closed rectangles
  • Limit and continuity
  • Partial derivatives
  • Differentiability

Key Features:

We have provided the top notes for ICS/FSC part 2 maths chapter no. 2 differentiate notes to satisfy the BISE board curriculum requirements. These study-medium notes are distinctive. These notes were authored by an experienced instructor and were correctly formatted. These notes are supplied in the best format possible, so you can print them off and use them to study for tests.

Differentiation Solutions in PDF


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