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trigonometry class 11 notes

Chapter No.10, Trigonometric Identities Notes

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Chapter No.10, Trigonometry Identities Notes in PDF

We are aware that you are looking for notes on trigonometric identities for mathematics in 11th grade. In order to help you prepare for the exam, we have published the best chapter 10 note for math in the eleventh grade. These notes were created by knowledgeable educators using the most recent iterations of each board’s syllabus. If you want to be at the top of your class, you must properly prepare all of these notes. Furthermore, please contact us if you identify any errors. Visit Study Medium, a free learning platform for students worldwide, for additional chapter summaries.


  • Introduction
  • Deductions from Fundamental Law
  • Trigonometric Ratios of Allied Angles
  • Further Application of Basic Identities
  • Double angle Identities
  • Half angle Identities
  • Triple angle Identities
  • Sums, Differences, and Products of Sines and Cosines

Key Features:

For FSC/ICS students, we have posted the highest caliber notes that cover the most recent syllabus requirements for all boards. This 11th-class maths guide for chapter no. 10 is provided in the appropriate format and was created by expert teachers. They will be useful for the exam. These notes are also in the greatest format, allowing you to see and download them online.

Trigonometric Identities Solutions:


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